Patient focused, quality driven.

If you're going to be the #OklahomaStandard in portable diagnostic imaging, then you need to be patient focused and quality driven.  

When we learned of Value Based Purchasing and Quality Measures hitting hospitals seven years ago, we began forming our portable x-ray model to help our client skilled nursing facilities, knowing these changes were on the way for SNFs. Now with PDPM, the future really is here. 

Investing in mobile x-ray, and you getting an actual return on investment, means the fastest x-ray read times in Oklahoma averaging 30 minutes, fastest service times, access to our results through EMR integration such as PCC, web portal access, and us faxing and calling results to make sure you know what direction to take as soon as humanly possible.  

There is no reason diagnostic imaging should contribute to a revenue reduction.  Quite the opposite.  That's our attitude, because the care teams we serve, as well as their patients and residents, deserve the best. 

The best part, this model is a benefit to ALL of our stakeholders, from skilled nursing to specialty hospitals.  We're leading the charge to make sure portable imaging is leading the charge in quality initiatives, no matter who our client is. 

We cover Oklahoma as the most efficient, quality-driven provider in the state.  Let us know how we can serve you; it'd be an honor, as it has been for 25 years and running. 

Thank you!

Latest News

Skilled Nursing Policy Advocacy

Posted: 10/09/2019

It was an absolute honor to help represent Care Providers Oklahoma as we met with Governor Stitt. As a Silver Sponsor/business associate, PHS recognizes how critical vendor support is for our state's ...


PDPM and Mobile X-Ray

Posted: 08/28/2019

PDPM is bringing massive change to skilled nursing facilities and the care of their patients.  Diagnoses, treatment assessments, and outcomes all replace therapy in importance.  Where does m...


Nurses Week!

Posted: 05/15/2019

Last week (May 6th - 12th) we had the pleasure to celebrate Nurses Week with many of the amazing care teams we work with.  We're excited to keep the celebration going as we recognize the sweat, t...


Advocacy, Education & Community Involvement

APDA             Since the 1990s, PHS - Portable Health Solutions is a proud member of the American Portable Diagnostics Association (APDA), formerly known as NAPXP.  This is an industry collective of portable imaging providers, in which we can better communication our value to our communities, patients, Medicare, and the clinical teams of our clients.  




Care Providers Oklahoma

We are a Silver Sponsor of Care Providers Oklahoma (CPO), formerly Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Providers (OAHCP).  We have also been Gold and Silver Sponsors in recent years, as we believe fighting and advocating on behalf of many of clients and their patients is a critical to the long-term wellbeing of those we serve.  


LeadingAge Oklahoma

We take pride in being Business Associate members of LeadingAge Oklahoma.  This organization is the state association of non-profit care providers that focuses on advocacy, raising the bar for excellence in care for our aging population, and communication on the myriad regulatory updates that our clientele need to know.


Green Country Healthcare Association

Green Country Healthcare Association (GCHA), of which we are Associate Members, has been focused on the advocacy, education and promotion, and coordination of area long term care providers.  Portable Health Solutions regularly sponsors events and meetings, and we are more than happy to be a part of this collective!


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