OAHCP Board Meeting

Submitted by Aaron on Mon, 11/07/2016 - 22:04
Speaking at the October OAHCP board meeting

As a CARE partner and OAHCP member, I was honored to present, and more importantly attend, the monthly OAHCP board meeting Oct. 26th.  There's a lot of ruckus with regard to the presidential election, but for our facilities (and subsequently, providers like PHS), state and local elections are much more critical.  To claw back the lost funding that has a lot of elderly, their care teams, facilities, and providers hurting, it starts with voting for the right people who will fight for our loved ones! 

    Many thanks to OAHCP for the invitation (shoutout to Dana!); being able to sit in and listen to everything that affects our clients was truly eye-opening, and here's to future opportunities to do so.