An Ode to Our Founder

Submitted by Aaron on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 15:56
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On April 19th, we celebrated the life of Lala K. Davis (pronounced Layla), founder of PHS. Her grit and absolute loyalty to the patients and care teams she served built a ship that has sailed the stormiest of seas in these 26 years. We have an opportunity to really, truly make a difference (and a living) across Oklahoma because she didn’t quit...even when she was occasionally driven to tears in those early years. Her fire is why we’re here, and why we have the attitude we do in our service. 

My version of her Chex Mix recipe given to client facilities at Christmas will never touch hers, but her attitude of “All in” in the work put into our mobile imaging every day is always present in our employees. 

We are as close to the original Why of PHS circa 1993 as we’ve ever been...because our staff knows life is so much richer when you give your best for others, even if it’s a rough day. Nothing is more empowering than empowering others who may be in a valley. We’re in this together, right? 

As I quote every year on this day, I wish you were here, Lala. I wish I could say thank you. But knowing you, continuing to show it in my work means a heck of a lot more than words. I’ll keep rowing.
Aaron Baker