Logo Update

Submitted by phsadmin on Mon, 02/01/2016 - 21:06

As you may notice, we are also updating our logo, as a reflection of both what we do and our constantly staying up-to-date with the issues and advances we face in 21st century care that is focused on quality. The circle of our logo represents community, which has been at our core since our founder set the tone for our focus. The medical cross represents our place in the medical community, and the “X” through that cross in turn represents our specific place in said community, that being x-ray. The different-colored icon represents our mobility, in that it is your location, i.e. where we are focused on providing this quality, community-minded care.

We are also reiterating what it means to be PHS. We are not simply a mobile x-ray company that shoots digital film.  We are a part of your healthcare team trying to find solutions to vexing issues for patients, their care staff, as well as loved ones. 

In addition to seeing our techs out in the field in their new uniforms, we are also excited to announce that you will find our commercial on KJRH Channel 2, an exciting new chapter in our company’s history as we spread the word. Be sure to tune in!