PDPM and Mobile X-Ray

Submitted by Aaron on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 13:15
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PDPM is bringing massive change to skilled nursing facilities and the care of their patients.  Diagnoses, treatment assessments, and outcomes all replace therapy in importance.  Where does mobile imaging fit into this?  Now more than ever, the front end of a patient’s care plan is where you’ll find whether your mobile imaging provider is ready for the change you’re going through.

        Accuracy of a diagnosis is critical.  Sometimes an x-ray exam is negative. Sometimes our radiology group calls DONs with emergent findings that may require hospitalization. 

        But if proper assessment and plans for treatment on the front end are critical, what about timeliness?  How long do you wait for your x-ray provider to show? Four hours? Six? How long do you wait for x-ray results?  An hour? Two hours?

        Again, what if there are emergent findings and the patient needs to be admitted, and/or the family is there and wondering what’s going to happen with treatment and moving forward

        If you’re waiting more than 30 minutes’ average time for your patient’s x-ray results to come back, and you’re not receiving direct calls from the radiology group on emergent findings the second they discover the issue, then what kind of financial impact does that have on your facility, and the patient?  Would that make the road to recovery more difficult when results for diagnosis are either delayed, inaccurate, or both?

        That’s awfully risky when the PDPM payment structure relies so heavily on knowing what’s going on in the first place.

        Investing in the diagnosis side will yield peace of mind, whether that’s with the family, your care team, or the facility itself as it aims to thrive in this time of change. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium, either.  As an x-ray provider for you since 1993, we understand and work with you to ensure you’re getting high value at a wonderful price, that’s also legally compliant.

        This includes perks such as reduced-cost digital employee x-rays, PCC linkage, first company to fully-digital bedside imaging, and 30-minute reads; we’re here to help you and your patients excel. Let’s do good work together.