Our Services (Including Echo & U/S)

PHS proudly offers ultrasound and Echo services to ensure the same high quality and efficiency as our strictly digital x-ray service.  We also offer EKG services.  We do not contract out for any of this. 

We offer all of these services at a variety of locations and events: nursing facilities, private homes, assisted living, independent living, home health, industrial and health screenings, clinics, doctor's offices, and sports events (including the NCAA Tournament!).   

Our business model is centered around the best quality and efficiency for every service; it's our firm belief that although we can do what other companies do, they cannot do what we do.  Local or national.  

A large part of this is driven by client and patient feedback, including our introduction of an efficient, responsive ultrasound care team and a past drive to become the first in the region to be all-digital, all-the-time, 24 hours a day in mobile x-ray.  

X-RAY Close-up image of a chest x-ray